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  • The Humans Driving Smart Start Forward


    Smart Start Series Creative Lead & Host


    Natalie Viglione, CLC, CBC, CPC

    Entrepreneur & Certified Life, Professional & Business Coach

    Creator of the Disrupt Now Program + Podcast


    Natalie Viglione is a cycle breaker and truth seeker. She holds a B.S. in Business, Marketing from the University of Phoenix in San Francisco, and is an ICF-Certified and trained Business, Life and Professional Coach from the World Coach Institute.


    A few years ago, after a 17-year aggressive career going up the ranks in San Francisco and New York City in executive VP-level positions, she founded an award-winning Business Coaching & Consulting company called Team Gu in NYC, which she runs with her husband, Mark Viglione. They focus on creating ideas made to stick and offer companies select 'gurus' (meaning influential teachers) that help in niche services around sales/business development team training and alignment, niche services in marketing, and the operations supporting these functions.


    In early 2017, a dream came to her which brought to life a visionary program called Disrupt Now (also a podcast). Disrupt Now is a life coaching program that allows her to help budding entrepreneurs and those stuck in their careers to blossom and dig deep to get UNstuck to fully express their purpose into the world. Being a lightworker and empath, she holds a keen ability to see the most magnificent vision possible for people. She offers strategic guidance to scale and grow both personal lives and companies and is currently underway to receive certifications in health & wellness and nutrition.


    She currently resides in Charlotte, NC and lives with her business partner and soulmate with lots of furbabies.


    Check out her websites: 

    Disrupt Now Life Guidance & Education Program


    Smart Start Series Community Director


    Amanda Valbert, PHR

    After obtaining an undergrad in Psychology and a Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, for the past 5 years, Amanda has worked within the Human Resources Recruitment Industry for both large and mid-sized companies.


    She's serious about personal growth! After some inner self-work that has started in a big way in her life, she has had the realization that her true calling was even greater than Recruiting. Personal growth and development have always fed her soul whether through education, understanding, communication, relationships, or a variety of human experiences and which brings her to her new goal – becoming an entrepreneur. This vision has sparked a light inside her to continue progressing and taking each and every day by the horns.

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