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NAME: Ty Ryan

Certified Professional Coach and Intuitive with a focus in Emotional Wellness and Workplace Wellness Coaching. A scraper from the South Bronx of New York, he has a background in IT spanning 17+ years with tenure in companies like Microsoft, AT&T, and IBM. In his pursuit for personal healing, he founded That Loving Space, LLC on the compelling desire to passionately help bold people to transform their Now. Supporting clients in uncovering the story behind their story for a purpose-filled and fulfilling life.

ABOUT That Loving Space - In the game of life, play a better game. Your story has all the elements for living a more fulfilling life. It's just a matter of perspective. The clues and queues are all around us and within us. The tools we need to live a life we love are within our grasp. Unlocking the code to conscious awareness is the means by which we level up. Learn how to develop and master emotional wellness to begin playing a better game.

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