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NAME: Tori Stevens

Tori is a vibrant and answers-driven millennial who challenges the status quo. She has a hunger for knowledge and exudes an enthusiastic passion for bringing out the best in talent through confidence and self-awareness coaching. Tori graduated from Central Michigan University twice, including, a Masters in Educational Leadership.

She has developed a plethora of real-world experiences obtained through 10 jobs in 12 years where she has conducted over 4,500+ candidate interviews and hired 1,500+ people within corporate and higher education with a focus on recruiting, training, and transitioning talent through leadership development activities.

Recently, Tori exited corporate to start her own company, evolYOUtion. The mission is to seek, identify, and connect the transferable skills gained in life to create future experiences. Tori thrives in listening and learning from individuals in order to debunk myths associated with talent development. She craves closing the gap between retention and talent development which occurs when the focus is on developing people rather than chasing achievement.

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