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NAME: Jada Berteaux

As a conflict resolution professional, I have learned as much about myself as I have about the clients with whom I have worked. This journey has led me to embrace the phrase self-discovery enthusiast and my mission is to help others learn to enjoy the journey of self-discovery and to become self-discovery enthusiasts, too!

I treasure every opportunity I have to join with and inspire others who desire to:

Transform conflict into opportunity

Embrace their “Big Life Vision”

Unmask sabotaging self-defense mechanisms and unblock their greatness

Tame unruly energy to reduce unnecessary stress and anxiety

Power their life by self-discovery!

Mediating, coaching, training and facilitating groups, I saw myself in so many people who wrestled with both internal and external conflicts. Resolving the internal conflict between who we often show the world and our greatest selves is vital to discovering, or re-discovering, passion for life and a more fulfilling journey. This is the journey of the Vulnerable Free Spirit.

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