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    The deeper you go personally, the further you go professionally, the better the relationships that you build, and so much more.


    To help you further develop your mind, body, and soul through inspirational and motivational

    personal growth and health content. We're on a mission to help humans create the best version of their lives.


    We're an in-person and online community that meets every month and we change the self-discovery topic every month as well.



      1. Satiating the MIND! You'll receive valuable knowledge from a range of personal growth and health experts that will focus on different topics. We change our theme every month. See some of our past themes here.
      2. Nourish the BODY! For our in-person events, we integrate physical fitness and nutritious food. We only source from local chefs, caterers, and bakeries, etc. to support local small businesses. For virtual members, we'll share the health-related details in our virtual community to give you more resources with your ongoing virtual membership.
      3. Expanding the SOUL! Including the topics we explore, every session we explore a simple mindfulness practice that you can integrate into your life. This includes things like meditation, breathing exercises, writing for self-discovery, and more. This is to help ease stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and more.


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